2016 Road To Ultra Taiwan (For oversea user ONLY)

  • 2016/09/11(周日) 12:00(+0800) ( iCal/Outlook, Google 日曆 )
  • 大佳河濱公園(近十號水門) / 台北市中山區濱江街5號
  • Spunite Productions
主辦單位 Spunite Productions

Event: Road to Ultra: Taiwan 2016
Date: Sun, Sept 11th
Time: 12:00pm ~ 9:30pm (9.5 hours)
Location: Dajai Riverside Ultra Park Taipei Taiwan 
(Entrance at Lin An Tai Ancient House #10 Evacuation Gate)
Presented by: Spunite Productions





More artists to be announced.


[Ticket Categories]

Date Available

5/19 12:00~6/22 11:59 5/19 12:00~7/20 11:59 5/19 12:00~9/1 11:59

Ticket Type

Early Bird General Admission General Admission General Admission

Ticket Price

TWD$3,400+$100 TWD$3,600+$100 TWD$3,800+$100

Ticket Details

Entitle holder to admission for Road to Ultra: Taiwan 2016


Date Available

  5/19 12:00~Until Sold Out

Ticket Type

  Premier General Admission

Ticket Price

Ticket Details   1. Entitle holder to admission for Road to Ultra: Taiwan 2016
  2. Dedicated express entry at venue
  3. Dedicated restroom


Ticket Available

  5/19 12:00~Until Sold Out

Ticket Type


Ticket Price

Ticket Details   1. Entitle holder to admission for Road to Ultra: Taiwan 2016
  2. Dedicated express entry lane at Venue
  3. Access to dedicated VIP raised area
  4. Limited dessert buffet
  5. Exclusive bar
  6. Dedicated restroom

VVIP Table (For 12 or 15 people)Starting $150,000 VVIP Table Bottle Service 
(Please email vvip@spunite.com for reservation)

1. Entitle holder to admission for Road to Ultra: Taiwan 2016
2. Dedicated express entry lane at Venue
3. Access to dedicated VVIP raised area
4. Limited dessert buffet
5. Exclusive bar
6.Chair and table w/ bottle service
7. Dedicated restroom


[Tickets Purchase Instructions] 

Please buy your tickets on:
1. KKTIX website http://spunite.kktix.cc/events/rtutaiwan2016-7e5
2. Download KKTIX App


KKTIX Ticketing Process

Payment Method: Credit Card Only
Ticket Collection: Will Call (Get your tickets on site at the Will Call Booth)

There will be a 100NTD processing fee per ticket. Please bring your passport and your confirmation number to our Will Call Booth near the entrance to RTU to get your ticket(s). If you didn't pick up your tickets by 9/11 9:45pm, it will be considered sold and will not be illegible for refund nor exchange.


[Important Notice] 

Please DO NOT bring the following:

1. No aerial drones or balloons allowed in the venue.
2. No umbrellas (folding umbrella is okay), flag pole, folding chairs, stools or anything that could be used as a weapon allowed.
3. No fireworks, sharp objects, baseball bats, glass objects allowed.
4. Any illegal substance are strictly prohibited.
5. No opened cigarette boxes, lighters, electronic cigarette, e-cigarette additives allowed.
6. No outside food and drinks allowed.


Please TRY NOT to bring the following:

Metal items. To ensure everyone safety, we will be screening for metal object. Having excessive metal items will slow down the screening process.


You CAN bring:

1. Anti-insect liquid, Sun screen lotion
2. Hat or light jacket
3. Cushions or picnic mats
4. Flags (Please give your respect to National Flags)
5. Portable Power Charger


Please DO bring:

1. Your ticket
2. ID, drivers license, passport (passport photocopy), national insurance card with photo for age verification.
3. Positive vibe!


1.      Please keep your tickets safe, we will not replace any misplaced or damaged tickets.

2.      Please drink responsibly, this event tickets does not include drinks.

3.      There will be no refunds for international GA tickets.

4.      Tickets are for single entry only, no ins and outs allowed.

5.      Organizer reserve the right to change venue or artists lineup.

6.      Please love our environment, please throw your trash into our
trash and recycle bin.

7.      Under 18 of age is not allowed, everyone needs an ID to enter the venue.

8.      Security guard will check your backpack, pockets. Organizer will
reserve the right for body search.

9.      For everyone protection, there will be an on-site police station and
undercover police will be patrolling the venue

10.  Please respect your fellow party-goers, any illegal action or action that
disturb other people's right to enjoy this event will be removed from this
event without refund and will not be allowed to enter this event.

11.  Please do not buy tickets from an unknown source, any holder of
counterfeit ticket will be reported to the on-site police.

12.  Please keep your entrance wristband on all time, anyone without proper
wristband on-site will be charged 8000NTD for a replacement wristand.

13.  In case of natural disaster, the event will be cancelled. All refund will be
subjected to a 10% refund processing fee and international wiring fee.

14.  Please take the public transportation or event buses to go to the venue

15.  Any changes will be posted on https://www.facebook.com/RTUTaiwan


No refunds for international GA available.  All sales final.

大佳河濱公園(近十號水門) / 台北市中山區濱江街5號


票種 販售時間 售價

2016/05/19 12:00(+0800) ~ 2016/09/11 12:00(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$6,900
Premier GA

2016/05/19 12:00(+0800) ~ 2016/09/11 12:00(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$4,900
Early Bird GA

2016/05/19 12:00(+0800) ~ 2016/06/22 11:59(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$3,500
General Admission

2016/05/19 12:00(+0800) ~ 2016/07/20 11:59(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$3,700
General Admission

2016/05/19 12:00(+0800) ~ 2016/09/01 11:59(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$3,900